81 Iranians get the new message: ‘You will not settle in Australia’

People who arrived by boat at Christmas Island over the weekend are coming to the realisation their dangerous journey will not win them a place in Australia.

The 81 Iranians were told – based on new asylum processing arrangements announced on Friday – they would not be able to settle in Australia.

In the message delivered at North West Point Immigration Detention Centre (NWP IDC) at Christmas Island, they were told of the new arrangement between Australia and PNG.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship acting regional manager Steven Karras said the new arrivals listened calmly to the message.

“In this case, the message we did give them was quite clear, in terms of where they will be processed and I think that probably sank in a bit,” Mr Karras said.

Mr Karras said a number of the clients said if they’d known the rules had changed, they wouldn’t have come to Australia on a people smuggler’s boat.

“It was apparent to me that they did understand what this message meant,” he said.

“I’m sure they’re now thinking about whether it was wise to come in the first place.

“And I think in fact over the coming days…they will start to contemplate very seriously whether in fact returning home is a better option.”

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