The Facts About Immigration Detention

  • There are currently 760 people in immigration detention centres, of whom 149 are housed at the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre.
  • There are currently 247 people in alternative detention arrangements and community detention.
  • Of the 1007 people in immigration detention:
    • 159 were detained as a result of compliance action – that is, overstaying their visa or breaching the conditions of their visa or having their visa cancelled
    • 67 were unauthorised air arrivals
    • 1 was an illegal foreign fisher
    • 777 were unauthorised boat arrivals
    • 1 was an inadequately documented crew member
    • 2 were detained for other reasons (ship deserters; stowaways etc)
    • 580 have not applied for a protection visa
    • 272 are undergoing a refugee status assessment
    • 53 have been refused a protection visa
    • 102 have applied for protection visas, or a review of a decision in relation to their application for a protection visa.
  • The majority of asylum seekers arrive in Australia with a valid visa and live in the community while they pursue their claims.
  • There are no children in immigration detention centres.

Figures as at 03 July 2009.
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